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Genesis clinic

Center for Professional Gastroenterology.
Gastroenterologist Kazan.
Ultrasound diagnostics Kazan.
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Genesis clinic Gastroenterology. Medicine for a better life..

We are sure that modern medicine is a personalized medicine.
Each patient is unique, and the treatment is individual.
Allow yourself the best.

> 30
More than 30 highly qualified specialists
in 17 areas
> 500
Every month we serve more
than 500 patients
> 2000
More than 2000 types of analyzes and diagnostic procedures
Clinic Services
Team of gastroenterologists and proctologists - 10 people
> 800 rub.
  • - Reflux esophagitis, Barrett's esophagus, esophageal ulcers
  • - Gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, atrophic gastritis
  • - Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, cholesterosis, cholangitis
  • - Viral hepatitis, non-viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, autoimmune diseases, accumulation diseases
  • - Pancreatitis, Ig G4 associated diseases
  • - Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, colitis, enteritis
  • - Good pediatric gastroenterologist
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Ultrasound diagnostics
Using ultrasonic elastography or sonoelastography technology
> 300 rub.
  • - Ultrasound grayscale
  • - Ultrasound dopplerography of the vessels of the limbs, internal organs
  • - Ultrasound in 2D, 3D, 4D
  • - Ultrasound of the stomach and intestines
  • - Ultrasound of the glands (salivary, thyroid, mammary, prostate)
  • - Ultrasound of the abdominal organs
    + ultrasound of the heart
  • - Ultrasound of the joints, spine
  • - Thyroid puncture under ultrasound control
  • - Ultrasound elastography (thyroid, mammary, prostate, liver, pancreas).
  • + specialized surveys on request
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Expert-class equipment with Zoom technology, narrow-spectrum inspection, video recording on hand
> 3000 rub.
  • - Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases of the esophagus and stomach, 12 p. Intestines and their complications
  • - Conducting early diagnosis and differential diagnosis of precancerous and malignant changes in the esophagus and stomach
  • - Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of epithelial formations of the esophagus, stomach and 12 p. Intestines
  • - Collection of material for histological examination (biopsy).

  • Determining the prognosis of the disease and developing individual tactics for treating patients based on detected endoscopic and morphological changes
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Therapist \ Gerontologist \ Nutrition Specialist
Duration of consultation 40-90 minutes
> 1000 rub.
  • - Comprehensive examination and development of individual programs for the management of elderly patients
  • - History taking.
    - Examination of the patient: percussion (tapping cavities), auscultation (listening to the area of the lungs), palpation (palpation of specific areas of the organs). Definition of specialized techniques for research.
  • - Identification of indicators requiring hospitalization of the patient.
  • - Identification of relevant risk factors contributing to the development of chronic forms of diseases.
  • - Advice on taking medications
  • - Inspection on the device MEDAS
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Neurologist \ Cardiologist \ Endocrinologist
Conducting medical consultations
> 1000 rub.
  • - angina pectoris
  • - heart defects
  • - carditis (pericarditis, endocarditis),
    coronary heart disease
  • - arrhythmia: tachycardia, bradycardia, incomplete heart block
  • - heart failure of various etiologies
  • - thrombophlebitis and thrombosis,
    hypertonic disease
  • - aneurysms (thinning and abnormal protrusion of the walls) of the aorta and other arteries
  • - pre-infarction conditions and heart attacks
  • - Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • - Vegetative disorders
  • - Cerebrovascular pathology
  • - Management of patients with encephalopathy
    - Management of migraine patients
  • - Management of patients with vestibular disorders
  • - Management of patients with neuralgia, neuropathies of the cranial nerves
  • - Management of patients with neuropathies of various origin
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Oncologist \ Nephrologist \ Proctologist
Strong interdisciplinary team
> 1000 rub.
  • - carcinoid tumors of the gastrointestinal tract
  • - tumors of the subpharyngeal space (hypopharyngeal cancer)
  • - dysplasia
  • - gall bladder cancer
  • - pancreas cancer
  • - stomach cancer
  • - esophageal carcinoma
    colon cancer
  • - rectal cancer
  • - liver cancer.
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Our team
A strong qualified team is a decisive factor in choosing a clinic.
A good gastroenterologist is a team of Genesis clinics.
Dr. Zarina Galeeva
Dr. Irina Bogorodskaya
gastroenterologist, therapist
Dr. Elena Koreiba
gastroenterologist, therapist
Dr. Liliya Junusova
children's gastroenterologist
Dr. Tatiana Dvoryankina
Dr. Guzal Shabanova
gastroenterologist, therapist
Dr. Luiza Kaumova
Dr. Alexey Ivanov
Dr. Vladimir Popov
Dr. Evgeniya Acel
Dr. Nadezda Makarova
Dr. Vladislav Kozlov
Dr. Vadim Galihanov
ultrasound specialist
Dr. Guzel Khusainova
ultrasound specialist
Dr. Gulnaz Ahmadeeva
Dr. Aidar Valiev
pediatric neurologist
Dr. Albert Sigal
Dr. Elena Posashkova
Dr. Rafael Gainetdinov
Dr. Julia Karanik
gastroenterologist, therapist
Dr. Rufia Fardieva
ultrasound specialist
Dr. Victoria Pavlova
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Useful materials
Send questions of interest to you by mail or call us at a single number +7 843 206 01 65
How to prepare for an ultrasound of the intestine
Step 1: Nutrition recommendations 3 days before the examination
Allowed to eat:
Low-fat dairy products, cheese, sour cream, butter, yogurt without additives and fillers
Low-fat meat, poultry and fish
(boiled, steamed or stewed)
Well-cooked white rice (except pilaf)
Sugar, honey (not in comb)
Allowed foods must not contain small seeds, grains, seeds, bran
Allowed to drink:
Broths (transparent, strained)
Juice without pulp
Non-alcoholic non-carbonated, unpainted drinks
It is forbidden to eat:
Bakery, flour and pasta
Vegetables, including cabbage, potatoes, herbs, mushrooms, seaweed, spices
Cereals, cereals, legumes, cereals, nuts, seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, grains, bran and other seeds
Hard meat with cartilage, canned food, sausages, sausages, seafood
Fruits, berries, including dried fruits, jam, jam, marmalade, jelly
Chips, hamburgers, chocolate
Any other products not included in the allowed list.
It is forbidden to drink:
Carbonated drinks

For chronic constipation, nutritional recommendations should be followed within 5 days. 3-5 days before the examination, start or continue taking laxatives on the recommendation of a gastroenterologist.

Step 2: Eating on the eve and on the day of the study.
For 3 days, food according to the list of allowed foods and liquids. On the day of the study, a light breakfast is allowed for 6 hours: broths (filtered), tea, water without gases, etc.
Step 3: Recommendations for taking Fortrans for bowel cleansing.
It is recommended to dilute 2-3 packets of the drug at the rate of 1 packet per 1 liter of water. Drink the solution in small sips. Thus, taking breaks between glasses of the solution for 10 to 20 minutes, you need to drink the entire prepared volume of Fortrans. Fortrans intake should be approximately 1 liter per hour. Take from 20.00 to 23.00. until the appearance of loose stools. If you have loose stools, you do not need to put an enema! (Liquid contents must remain in the intestine) Do not take Espumisan!
How to prepare for endoscopy?
  • 2 days before the procedure, it is necessary to exclude from the diet: alcoholic beverages, fatty, salty foods, seeds, nuts, chocolate and strong coffee. Since a sick stomach does not always do well with digesting food, its remnants may be there for several days and may interfere with an adequate assessment of the condition;
    In the evening on the eve of the procedure, you must have dinner before 18.00. Food should be light and quickly absorbed. It is not recommended to use salads, it is better to opt for baked apples;
    On the morning before the procedure, you can not eat. From drinks you can weak tea with a little sugar. It must be drunk at least 2 hours before the appointed time. Patients with diabetes mellitus, who must have breakfast, have endoscopy carried out only in the morning;
    Before the procedure, it is not recommended to use drugs in the form of capsules or tablets. If this is a vital necessity, they should be discussed with your doctor;
    In case of bronchial asthma or coronary heart disease, medications in the form of a spray or tablets that dissolve under the tongue must be taken before the procedure, informing the doctor;
    It is forbidden to smoke on the day when endoscopy is performed, since even one smoked cigarette can provoke an increase in the amount of mucus in the stomach, which lengthens the study period and also enhances the vomiting reflex;
    Preparation for endoscopy is very important, because non-observance of the rules may lead to improper conduct of the procedure and affect the result
    You must arrive at least 5 minutes before the procedure. In order for it to succeed, a person must have time to relax;
    It is necessary to inform the doctor about any types of allergies (to medicines, food, or other types);
    It is not recommended to use perfume before the procedure;
    Clothing should be loose. Before starting the procedure, you must unfasten the collar and loosen the belt or other compressive clothing. This will help to reduce the feeling of lack of air during endoscopy;
    Before starting the procedure, you need to remove glasses and dentures.
How to prepare for a visit to the doctor?
- Collect information about all the latest tests and visits to doctors
- On the day of admission, if possible do not eat food before admission - this will allow you to immediately pass all the necessary tests

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